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Saturday, 11 March 2017

London Fashion Week A/W17 | Day Two

london fashion week street style 2017

So i've been a little slow on the London Fashion Week posts, but in the world of PR there is no pause button on life! I guess Fashion month really is a busy time... 
This season was all about being comfy and only two days in, it was time to whack out my trusty faves - the Nike Thea's. Trainers and tailored trousers have been my one true pairing since being an intern way back when - if I could have ever understood people who wear Crocs, trust me that was then (can we make that thing next season?)! I'm all about comfy cosy and zero of this blister malarky. 
As always, it's all in the details with playing it down. Wearing trainers doesn't necessarily mean it's sweatpants day - pairing minimal amounts of sportswear and clashing with a day-to-day look works too (let's face it it's been pretty much the only trend for a good three years now...). 
This season is about amping up your tailoring game with an extra sportswear (or Vicky Pollard) touch  and I, for one, am a FAN. Popper detail trousers have basically been parading Missguided's 'New In' section recently and i've been sitting on my hands trying to refrain myself from buying everything (I mean, hello, those Londunn popper detail joggers are to diiiiiie for!). I snapped up these wide leg babies (now in the sale) last month and have been living in them ever since - and paired with this tie waist sweatshirt made for warm-comfy-chic in the bitter cold of February!

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Look Fantastic Beauty Box | February 2017

best beauty subscription boxes blog review

Everybody knows February is fashion month, so it's only right that everything we do is 'so fash' the whole way through, right? And that includes our beauty regime... 
I was so excited to see this month's Look Fantastic Beauty Box was themed around getting 'runway ready' and not all soppy and romantic (i'm single and my love is targeted towards shoes...) and as always, more excited to reveal the contents! 

Sunday, 26 February 2017

London Fashion Week A/W17 | Day One

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London Fashion Week is over for another season (dare I say thank god?) and it's time to pack away the gladrags for another six months (hi cosy warm outfits, I missed you...) - but it wouldn't be another season if I didn't show you what I actually wore to spot the A/W17 trends now, would it?
My general approach to such a busy week now is to abolish the urge to wear heels and opt for something a little comfier and i'm so glad I did. It was definitely the comfiest season i've attended to date! These incredible Stella dupes from Public Desire were the shiny photo-op filled shoes of dreams  that I needed in my life and they may as well be surgically attached to my feet now. Sometimes, all you need is something shiny to make the world keep spinning round. 
In true 'Laura' style, I paired them with everything metallic I could possibly get my hands on and said 'fuck it' to the general rule of one statement piece. And what did I learn from that? Sometimes, saying 'fuck it' really works.
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