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Sunday, 4 December 2016

Pink Velvet

velvet co-ord trend fashion blog

That one fabric that's associated with December? Velvet. Every season it's an A/W favourite - especially in my wardrobe. Not only that, it always comes back around. There are pieces in my wardrobe from 8 years ago that are being recirculated this season, and i'm extremely glad I kept hold of them just in case. Wow, that makes me sound old... 
This baby pink co-ord set from Missguided had me hooked the moment I saw it shared on Instagram and I knew it had to make it's way to my wardrobe one way or another. And so it did. The perfect go-to outfit for when you just can't fathom matching something up, or if you want that casual chic vibe for the day - not to mention comfy. I have so many days in the office where I'd just rather be wearing my pyjamas - so anything I can add to my wardrobe that makes me feel that way is a bonus. 
Nothing is easier to style than a co-ord - I love being able to throw on a t-shirt, a roll neck or a bralet and be good to go without having an outfit drama beforehand and i'm sure i'm not the only one. 

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Christmas Gift Guide: Beauty

uk beauty gift guide christmas

Payday is here at last and unlike other months, this month is all about splurging on those all important loved ones. I know, it breaks my heart a little bit too that those shoes from Zara have to wait until next month, but at least we can revel in their happiness on Christmas Day when we hand them their presents! To help out with that gruelling shopping we all dislike this time of year, i'll be rounding up the best gifts available to treat your friends and family stress-free - starting with the very best of beauty. 

Look Fantastic Beauty Box | November 2016

look fantastic beauty box november 2016

Tomorrow we start the biggest countdown of all - THE COUNTDOWN TO CHRISTMAS! I have two advent calendars at the ready (it's taken a lot of willpower to not demolish both of them ahead of December) and i'm officially in the festive spirit. When this super shiny, snowflake adorned box came through my door, I was super excited. It was like the first mark of Christmas ahead of the festivities and of course, I couldn't wait to see what was insiiiiide! Look Fantastic have a way with themes each month and I love that, especially around an occasion such as Christmas which definitely involves a ton of products at the ready. 
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