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Sunday, 25 June 2017

Look Fantastic Beauty Box | June 2017

June is all about those Summer vibes, and this month - Look Fantastic are celebrating all things travel (while making me wish I even had another holiday booked)... 
The Wanderlust box includes the travel essentials you need in your life, along with some tips and tricks on keeping your beauty game strong all while being a travel bee. 

Monday, 29 May 2017

Pinstripes and Late Nights

summer workwear 2017 fashion blog

I did it again, I dropped off the face of the blogosphere without any warning. Sometimes life just gets in the way, and apparently i'm at that stage in life where all it does is get in the way. For good reason though.
I can finally tell you all that I have officially moved on from my Label PR days which a lot of you may now know me from, and started my new job specialising in social media. Exciting! It has definitely been a manic couple of weeks, but I think i'm finally settling into the changes in my daily routine that come with starting anew and back on the bandwagon. 
With a new job comes a new work wardrobe though, of course, and i'm inlove with the current tied shirt trend. Nothing says 'casual but boss bitch' more than a slouchy shirt and I love that we can finally diminish that unflattering waistline that comes with shirts (yes brands, even trying to dart them they still look hideous, soz) without looking like a slob! If it's even possible, Zara have definitely upped their Summer game and many an occasion i've almost left the store with basically everything. Yep Zara, you have taken my salary for ransom. Oh, and would it be a Laura outfit without a pair of furry shoes? Na... 

Saturday, 20 May 2017

Weather Dependant

how to style sweatshirt fashion blog

If there's one thing i've learned in the year and a half that i've lived in Manchester, it's that planning your outfit is weather dependant - and even then, you're not guaranteed the forecast knows what's going on. So many days I leave the house prepared with a giant raincoat for the sun to be shining and me wondering what the hell iPhone Weather was chattin', and others to head out in shorts and a tee for it to absolutely sling it down - always a good 'en. 
What I usually find works? One out and not both - and by that I mean, legs or arms, take your pick. Women's legs are usually made of absolute steel. Us Northern birds can go through a snowstorm and back just because we wanted to wear THAT dress, so I usually opt for wrapping up on top to stay warm - in which case sweaters, you are my ultimate BFF. 
This one's from Missguided and takes a spin on your usual boring plain sweatshirt taking props from one of the biggest trends of the past few seasons, tie waists. There is almost nothing worse than wanting to be comfy, but also completely diminishing your waistline in the name of comfort and looking like a hag whose boobs hang to her crotch. Detailed, I know - but it's true. Pair comfort with something more tailored such as a pleated skirt and cute mules or boots and voila, tomorrow's outfit sorted (and, it kinda feels reminiscent to the weekend's slob fest, no?).
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