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Monday, 18 July 2016

Look Fantastic Beauty Box | July 2016

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The warmer weather has finally set in, so it's that time again to switch up the routine! This month's box is 'packed with products to get your skin and hair in the mood for some sunshine' - about time, huh? 
Summer is all about that natural look, perfect skin, hydration and looking as sun kissed as ever - so when I opened the box, I was pretty pleased to find everything in this month's Look Fantastic Beauty Box I could ever need for all of the above.


Saturday, 16 July 2016

Peaches and Cream

how to wear colour fashion blog

These days, my work wardrobe is my everyday look (even on those days out of the office) and monochrome looks (presumably under Sophie's influence) weave their way into what once was a pretty colourful selection... I like to think I steer clear of black where possible, but sitting in front of my 'everyday clothes' rail I can see that's definitely not the case anymore! Shopping in summer is a saviour for injecting colour into a wardrobe in dire need and after heading to Missguided, I went a little crazy with the spending... Oops! 
Picking out a little something brighter doesn't mean it has to be cerise pink and neon yellow, even the lighter neutral tones can make a differentiation between funeral attire and summer dressing, and switching up the tones in your pieces can make all of the difference. Wear the same boring trousers/jeans everyday and pair with a coloured top? Swap this around for a bigger block of colour on your bottom half for a fresher look or pair with metallics for an extra shine... Who said it had to be so hard? 

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

S/S16 Shoes - Fresh Off The Runway

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Whether you're breathing a sigh of relief or feeling let down that the stiletto heel didn't even make an appearance on this year's top shoe trends list for summer, both parties can rest assured that there are plenty more options just hankering to take their place. With styles like the block heel, wedge sandal, and flatform, it seems as though this season is a little more comfort-focused and laid-back than in previous years. Fortunately, comfort doesn't mean frumpy or glamour-free, because the shoes I'll be discussing are just as fashionable as their spiky-heeled counterparts.

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