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Sunday, 26 February 2017

London Fashion Week A/W17 | Day One

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London Fashion Week is over for another season (dare I say thank god?) and it's time to pack away the gladrags for another six months (hi cosy warm outfits, I missed you...) - but it wouldn't be another season if I didn't show you what I actually wore to spot the A/W17 trends now, would it?
My general approach to such a busy week now is to abolish the urge to wear heels and opt for something a little comfier and i'm so glad I did. It was definitely the comfiest season i've attended to date! These incredible Stella dupes from Public Desire were the shiny photo-op filled shoes of dreams  that I needed in my life and they may as well be surgically attached to my feet now. Sometimes, all you need is something shiny to make the world keep spinning round. 
In true 'Laura' style, I paired them with everything metallic I could possibly get my hands on and said 'fuck it' to the general rule of one statement piece. And what did I learn from that? Sometimes, saying 'fuck it' really works.

Monday, 20 February 2017

Styling Up Chartreuse

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You know what bugs me about S/S fashion? It drops in the stores in all of it's pretty, colourful glory - but it drops in January and you're literally unable to wear it for months. Who wants to buy in advance? Not me... I always have to find a way to where it immediately and in the heart of the Winter it can sometimes be difficult to pass it off, particularly if it's some kind of floral maxi dress... Lucky for me, I picked up these straight leg trousers from Primark's SS17 range that just hit stores, and straight away I knew exactly how I was going to wear them the following day. It might be winter, but oh my god am I bored of dark tones already. Navy? Over it. Pass me a brighter palette before I lose my mind! 
Culottes are basically the life and soul of my wardrobe so i'm happy to see they're still going strong season to season - here's to hoping their glory days aren't over anytime soon! 

Monday, 13 February 2017

Go Love Yourself - Treat Yourself This Valentine's Day

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You either have a good social life, love life or work life - and in my case, the love life part is basically non-existent at the moment. I'm definitely not bitter about Valentine's Day, but it has less of an impression on me since it's not exactly something i'm celebrating - unless using it as an excuse to eat the cheap chocolate afterwards counts...
Sometimes though, you just need a little excuse to treat yourself - so instead of proclaiming your love for someone else this Valentine's, treat yourself with those gimmicky chocolates and gifts instead... We all love a mid-month treat, right?
From actual sweet treats to my top beauty picks this month, i've rounded up the ultimate gifts for yourself this Valentine's Day...

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