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Sunday, 3 December 2017

Christmas Jumpers with PrettyLittleThing

christmas jumper day 2017 prettylittlething

If there's anyone more festive than me, I'd like to meet them. I mean, Buddy the Elf would be perfect company for me so we can sit and eat weird sugary concoctions and talk about how excited we are for Santa to come and hit up every festive event happening in Manchester right now... All jokes aside though, who wouldn't wanna hang out with Will Ferrell?... 

Anyway... As soon as the leaves fall I start my Christmas shopping, and that involves stocking up on festive jumpers to get me through the season. If you own as many as I do (i'm really not even sorry), you'll also be looking at the coolest options possible to make sure you don't have that standard 'merry Christmas you filthy animal' one that every man and his dog has... Including me...
Pretty Little Thing have some INSANE Christmas jumpers this year, and I was super fast at snapping up my faves before they were gone. Let's face it, finding a cute one isn't even the problem - it's styling them up that is. There's nothing more difficult to style than something that is cute but frumpy but that's where the fun is with Christmas jumpers, cos who ever looks sexy wearing a bright red chunky knit?! I've styled mine up two different ways to make sure you're feeling the festive sass at the markets this year however you wanna! (insert hairflip emoji here...)

Friday, 10 November 2017

Introducing: Glo & Ray Make-Up

glo & ray make up review

I might have been almost MIA recently, but i'm back - and my addiction to beauty products is getting worse (I mean, I don't think it's 'worse', but some people may...). Is that what an addict sounds like?
Anyway, I love to try new products - it's always my favourite part. It's like the Christmas of beauty products everytime when discovering something new that you like.
I heard about Glo & Ray through an old client of mine when they started stocking them, and after hearing great things from each team member - I immediately followed them on Instagram to keep my eyes out for what they were up to. 

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Ibiza Throwback: The 5 Worst Things About Winter

missguided kimono playsuit fashion blog

The transition from Summer, into Autumn, into Winter is such a fast one - and for what people will presumably blame on global warming (which I admittedly haven't really been keeping up with because it's a bit of a slow burner...), I really don't feel like we had an Autumn at all. I mean, it's technically still supposed to be Autumn, but i'm sitting here in my bed under a duvet and a blanket, wearing my pj's, a jumper and slipper socks to try and hide from the chill (it's not working, my feet are bloody frozen). Naturally, i'm reminiscing on times when I was much warmer such as Ibiza in September - and wishing I could feel my toes again. In the spirit of a true Brit, I thought what better thing to do than round up the five worst things about Winter, so we can all moan together about the weather and indulge in a brew, dreaming of tropical heat and cocktails - which we won't have, because we live in England.
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