Sunday, 13 April 2014

The inner Cher Horowitz

Sunglasses - c/o Oasap (here)
Tshirt - (c/o ASAP54) ASOS (here)
Bag - (c/o ASAP54) ASOS (here)
Skirt - (c/o ASAP54) New Look via ASOS
Shoes - c/o River Island

I know i've been a bit slack lately but i've been working super duper hard at Richard Nicoll so it's been pretty hard fitting things in - plus i've really grown accustomed to having someone (Annabel) take my photos for me so the thought of using my tripod and self timer just makes me want to groan! 
Today (for once) it was warm enough to have the old pins out and dust off those cobwebs which I feel pretttty good about since working in fashion really keeps you in shape, so any past insecurities are definitely fading away and i'm no longer drowning my sorrows in McDonald's quarter pounders 4 times a week! 
I got this skirt a few weeks ago thanks to the lovely people at ASAP54 who gifted me with an ASOS voucher as a thank you for my views I gave before launching their brand new app (which is on the app store now) - and i've been itching to wear it since then. Isn't it ridiculously cute? Unfortunately for any of you guys who are in awe after it like I was, ASOS put it in the sale and now it's gone forever :( 
I love it so much i'm thinking that i'll be entering new ventures over this summer and making similar tartan skirts and maybe even matching tops - as well as faux leather clutches in holographic and patent since I have some spare fabric hanging around. Being in this new creative environment is really pushing me to keep on working lately! I'm also thinking of starting up Youtube soon so let me know how you feel about that :) 

That's enough of my babbling anyway. Don't forget to nominate me for best personal style newcomer in the Company blog awards if you love me - it would mean a lot! You can do that here

Monday, 7 April 2014


Jacket - c/o Sheinside (here)
Jumpsuit - c/o Glamorous (here)
Belt - c/o New Look
Shoes - c/o Heelberry (here)

Today, there were many technical issues. It just so seems that everytime I go to take photos in this amazing jumpsuit, something happens. Like today. It chucked it down, I took my SLR to the studio with me, only to realise my battery was charging at home and my SD card was no where to be seen, but luckily Annabel saved the day and here it is in all of it's monochrome glory - don't you just love ittttt? 
I'm really in a jumpsuit phase right now and I've had this bookmarked for a very long time. The fabric is gorgeous and I can't obsess anymore than I already do over Glamorous. I fell in love with them after the whole green tartan playsuit last season which i'm still devastated that I don't own! 
Life is pretty much on a fast train right now and i'm currently prepping for a full summer of interning before my final year, as well as actually still interning. I don't ever wanna stop *except to eat chocolate*

And don't forget to nominate me in the Company style blog awards (if you want to ;) ) - i'm going for personal style newcomer and it would be amazing to be shortlisted :)

Thursday, 3 April 2014


Hello there my lovelies! 
I do apologise for my recent absence, unfortunately there was a death in the family, so i've taken a little time away from everything but i'll be getting back on track now.

As you may know, the Company Style Blogger awards are officially open for nominations and I figured, why not go for it? 
I'm going for personal style newcomer and it would be the best thing ever if you could nominate me (here)
I have so much fun sharing my personal style on here and nothing feels better than seeing that people are actually reading, so it would be so amazing to be acknowledged by Company! So yep, please nominate me, I will love you all forever and ever and continue to post until i'm totally old and wrinkly! 

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Missguided S/S wishlist

Blue dogtooth mini dress (here)
Mint lace strappy dress (here)
Red mesh panel dress (here)
Grey frill shift dress (here)
Lilac 'origami' mini dress (here)

Lilac scuba boxy top (here)
Checked boxy top (here)
Purple round neck jumper (here)
Checked dogtooth boxy top (here)

Holographic sandals (here)
Black and white contrast strappy sandals (here)
White snakeskin platforms (here)
Lilac caged sandals (here)
Floral print strappy sandals (here)

Pink checked two piece (here and here)
Chiffon keyhole playsuit (here)
Silver cutout jumpsuit (here)
Rose print chiffon playsuit (here)
Pink and blue checked playsuit (here)
Floral print jumpsuit (here)

Monday, 24 March 2014

The Russell Brand moment

Coat - c/o Sheinside (here)
Cropped sweater - Primark
Jeans - c/o New Look (here)
Socks - c/o River Island (here)
Shoes - River Island

Not to confuse you with the title of this post, of course I do not think that I resemble Russell Brand at all in the slightest here - but the coolest thing ever happened while me and Annabel were taking photos today - RUSSELL BRAND WAS RIGHT BEHIND US RIGHT HERE IN THOSE IMAGES. Fan girl moment over. 
Another awesome thing this week - I lost weight. The downside? My brand new mom jeans as seen above are too blooming big for me hence the belt :( sad times. 
I've never been a jeans girl before so it's slightly strange for me to say that I actually love these. Even if they are a tad too big right now (i'm sure Easter will solve that). They're just ridiculously comfy, I mean, how did I not know this before? I've hardly taken them off since I received them and I just loved today's pairing of pastel and acid wash. It's also still pretty weird for me with the whole flats thing, but running around doing Intern errands in clunky heels definitely does not sound appealing to me! 

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

The return of the Paisley

Jumpsuit - c/o Motel Rocks (here
Blazer - Missguided
Sunnies - c/o Choies (here)
Bag - Zara
Socks - c/o River Island (here)
Sequin converse (limited edition)

As print-manic as I am, one print I always steered clear of was definitely paisley. It was so girly and blah - but this season Motel Rocks definitely won me over with some of their amazing prints (you can shop their amazing paisley selection here). I've always been such a fan as they definitely have their own vibe which I just love and they always hit the nail on the head with all-round clothes so i'm definitely well pleased about my latest wardrobe addition that I can rock all S/S long! And of course, I wasn't fully dressed without something pink. I should really stop with the pink stuff.... 
It's my second week at Richard Nicoll and I am still completely loving it. I just don't want to go back to uni, I want to stay here forever. Of course, I have all those typical intern jobs (minus making coffee of course because they're such a lovely bunch to us!) but i'm also learning so much and becoming ridiculously inspired - but i'm a total nerd so that's a given. Don't forget to check out my fellow intern and new photographer Annabel at Adorned in Monochrome and show her some lovin' :)  

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Shoreditch living

Tshirt - c/o Katie Eary (here)
Jeans - c/o New Look
Shoes - New Look
Bag - Zara 

I'm fully aware this outfit is definitely not on the scale of my usual, but this week i've been having to choose sensibly for studio life at Richard Nicoll - not to mention wear flats (I also have a partially broken right foot so i'm on a heels haitus!) 
I kinda touched on what I was getting up to in my last post but I wanted to continue the waffling a tad more now my first week is over. 
I can't even put into words how amazing my experience has been already, in just 5 days. I've been studying Fashion for nearly 5 years now, and I have never had my eyes opened and been inspired as much as I have since going into industry properly for the first time, there is literally nothing like it. 
It's amazing to see how the work turn-around is in the real world, these people have it so much worse than us students but they love what they do - and that's exactly the type of person I want to be. 
I must admit, being around the AW14 collection every single day is ridiculously hard, and dealing with pre-orders and seeing buyer's selections hurts my inner shopaholic's soul because I want it all to be mine! 
I actually made a cheeky little order yesterday of the amazing blue metallic loafers that the models wore in the show, which will be on sale later this year in collaboration with Swear London.